Medical Astrology, A Quick Lesson Part 3

In this part, I’m using a birth chart combined with transit to determine the source of sickness and some recommendations about which doctor you need to consult if those diseases are in a worrying state.

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Not all kinds of sicknesses are born from our genetic factors. In some cases, even some type of “human error” like too much eating, too much drinking, and less exercise than usual may lead to some potential disease.

In this part, I’m using a birth chart combined with transit to determine the source of sickness and some recommendations about which doctor you need to consult if those diseases are in a worrying state.

How to Identify The Source of Disease: Method 2, TRANSIT

In this method, we have to know two important things:

  • The client’s birth chart
  • Planetary transit chart at the first time the client feels some disease

Most of the time, client’s didn’t know the exact time they experienced the pain the first time, so just set 12:00 p.m as transit time. Alternatively, if the client didn’t know the exact date he feels the pain, then just use the date he goes into bed because of disease or the date that he goes to the clinic/ hospital. Otherwise, if the worst case comes that he didn’t know when at all, just use “today and current time” transit, more like a horary analysis.

And for example, we use “Clare” as a sample birth chart.

“Clare” Birth Chart

On 2 August 2022, Clare told me that her skin somehow become more rash than usual and she felt some kind of fatigue sensation in her back. She thought that she didn’t do any kind of work that really push her and she get adequate sleep. She asked me whether she have the wrong position when she sleep or if anything contributed to her rash skin and fatigue back.

She thinks that she felt something was off at around 31st July 2022. So I’m using her birth chart and the transit on 31st July as the base for analysis.

Here’s the transit for 31st July 2022…

Transit 31st July 2022

Then I’m combining those 2 charts to become like the one below, using the solar fire app.

Clare Chart (inner) and transit position (outer)

In this chart, we found an interesting pattern. Clare’s natal pluto in Scorpio has 2 squares, with transit Uranus (which was in retrograde at that time) in Aquarius and transit mercury in Leo.

In medical astrology, Saturn rules the skin or frame of the body, Pluto rules our body at the cellular level, and Mercury rules our nervous system. Since Clare said she feels fatigued in her back (fatigue also related to the nervous system), and her skin becomes rash (that’s typically Saturn), I think these aspects are worth analyzing. While Pluto in general can’t tell us about a specific part of the body, we can see her natal Pluto, which has 2 squares, is in Scorpio.

Scorpio, besides ruling the reproductive system, also rules a potential for -reinfection from food-, while Aquarius (where transit Saturn is) rules her spinal column, unsurprisingly Leo (where transit mercury at) also rules the spinal cord, which both of them are disease related to back fatigue. Since Saturn is on her 9th house and Mercury is on the 3rd house, which both of them are the house of travel, I’m asking her if recently, before 31st July, she made some short/ long travel to another area that’s outside her every day’s activities and maybe eat something unusual.

The answer is a yes, although the term “unusual” means she hasn’t eaten that kind of food for a long time. Turns out at that time, she eats some seafood that is grilled in the open air environment (that’s literally related to Fire in Leo, Water in Scorpio, and Air in Aquarius for you!). It’s not that the food in there isn’t hygiene, but because she finally eats that grilled seafood, Clare has raised her appetite for grilled seafood and since then, she has always looked at grilled seafood as her lunch at a different place.

Because of eating grilled seafood every day at different places, I think one of those places she eats, has some environment that’s not really hygienic. And that’s what contributes to her food poisoning.

So, my recommendation to her at that time is just to avoid grilled seafood and eat in a hygiene restaurant, for now, to let her body heal itself from food infection. Even if she wants to consult with a doctor, I’m recommending just a general Doctor or internist. She accept my recommendation and now she’s recovered from food poisoning.

Closing Remark

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One of the advantages of Medical Astrology is to help find the source of disease, which sometimes doesn’t directly relate, faster than usual medical check-ups. It’s not meant to replace the analysis from medical professionals, but it might help to find the root cause of the disease, which in most cases, the patient needs to overcome some procedural test before the doctor makes some diagnosis. It can also help us to get some recommendations on which doctor they need to consult if the disease is in a worrying state.

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Medical Astrology, A Quick Lesson Part 2

In this post, I’m sharing the 1st method I’m using just for a quick reading session for a client that asking for a brief medical consideration.

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After we understand the significance of zodiac and planet in medical astrology, now it’s time to move unto how to analyze potential illnesses that we have from our birth chart.

For that, I need to make some disclaimers first. This medical astrology is used as an alternative diagnosis and can not replace the main medical diagnosis provided by medical professionals. Astrology, especially medical astrology only read the potential illness and its source and doesn’t mean it will manifest in your life. All medication for treatment, if some medical astrologer provides that, is advisable to consult a person which is professional in the respective medical field before you really take those.

How To Identify Our Potential Sickness From Our Chart: Method 1, Fast General Reading

In this post, I’m sharing the 1st method I’m using just for a quick reading session for a client that asking for a brief medical consideration. And from this method only, we need to give some information beforehand that this is just a quick reading for potential illness to a client, for more detailed diagnosis in astrology, usually, we need to do another session just for that topic. I’ll share the more detailed reading for medical consideration in part 3 of this post.

The first method is simple, we use Saturn as a significator for potential sickness that comes from within, and Chiron for potential sickness that comes from outside. Just see where the Saturn and Chiron are in the client’s chart.

For example…

“Robert” Chart

In Robert’s chart, we see Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Gemini.

As Saturn in Scorpio, we can see Robert’s potential illnesses are in his reproductive system, prostate gland, AND food poisoning. We just tell him that potential illness that comes from his own body and sees which one is more makes sense to him. Most of the time, food poisoning is more common. It might be because he usually so much trial and error with any kind of food ingredients in his house (house 4 gives us information about the home situation), and sometimes, his trial and error become so extreme (pluto in 4th house) that food poisoning is a common occurrence to him.

While Chiron is in Gemini, we can see Robert’s potential illness is in his arm, shoulder, central nervous system, or kidney tube. Again, we just tell him about that potential illness and just tell him to be very careful. If somehow he got some accident, his arm, shoulder, nervous system, or his body’s tube will likely be impacted.

As for how for him to be careful, just see in which house Chiron falls into. In this case, 11th house. It means those accidents are likely to happen if he’s not careful in socializing or interacting with his friend or communities. It might also mean that if he spent too much time on something related to technological advancement or too much work to achieve his hope and dreams (11th house topic), then he most likely experience some accident that harm his arm or body’s tube in the future.

Let’s see another example…

Joe’s Chart

Assume the name of this chart is Joe, we can see Chiron is in Aries, 2nd house and Saturn is in Aquarius, 12th house.

Chiron in Aries rules the head and motor center of the brain, also blood circulation to the head. Joe needs to be careful especially when he does something related to his 2nd house (money, material possession matters), because there’s the potential of harming his head.

For example, if he’s overworked himself simply because his job/ project rewards lots of money in a short time and he wants that job to finish as soon as possible, it’s likely he’ll get a headache.

Saturn in Aquarius, rules the calves, ankles, blood circulation, eyes, and nerve system in the spinal column. From this one, he has some potential to injure his calves or ankles or have some abnormal blood circulation because of his mind in a constant negative situation or bad mood for a long time or too much thinking psychologically or too much sleep (12th house topic).

Next Article, we’ll discuss the 2nd method to see the potential illness in more detail.

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Medical Astrology, A Quick Lesson Part 1

In short, Medical Astrology is like an ancient method for X-Ray your body to find the potential disease since born, try to find the psychological or environmental cause, and also search for the source of the disease by the time client feels ill.

Astrology has lots of improvement and discipline nowadays. And besides the “recently become more popular” financial astrology, because astrologers try to find the pattern for crypto trading, we also see some part of astrology that is as interesting as theirs: Medical Astrology.

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In short, Medical Astrology is like an ancient method for X-Ray your body to find the potential disease since born, try to find the psychological or environmental cause, and also search for the source of the disease by the time client feels ill. Nowadays, it can be treated as a supplemental diagnosis besides the diagnosis from a professional doctor.

Medical astrology has several approaches practiced by lots of astrologers. Some use the natal chart, some use the natal chart and transit, and some combine horary astrology to make some medical diagnosis. The purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to some quick basic and important knowledge of medical astrology.

Some information here is credited to Eileen Nauman’s book: Medical Astrology. And if you are interested to learn, you can start from there. Another book I’ll recommend is Traditional Medical Astrology: Medical Astrology From Celestial Omens to 1930 CE by Dr. J. Lee Lehman.

Ok, let’s begin this topic.

Zodiac As Medical Rulership

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First, we need to understand zodiac rulership for medical terms. Here’s the table for zodiac rulership in human anatomy.

AriesRules head in general, specifically motor center of the brain and blood circulation on our skull.
TaurusThe thyroid gland, our immune system
GeminiRules arms, shoulders, central nervous system. Also tubes of the body (ears, uterus, lungs, trachea, ureter from kidney, urethra from the bladder to outside)
CancerBrain, lung, heat membranes, sinus cavities, eyeballs, bone marrow, cheek of the faces, stomach and digestive process. Also womb with fetus.
LeoHeart organ, spinal cord
VirgoPancreas, enzyme process in liver, and spleen. Rules any organ that -breaks down, analyzes, and organizes-. Also rules sugar-related diseases and blood cells.
LibraKidney, basal metabolism specifically acid-alkaline metabolism.
ScorpioProstate gland, reproductive system, colon, and rules potential reinfection from food.
SagittariusTight, sciatica nerve, great saphenous vein, the expiratory function of the lungs, muscle cramp or discomfort from lumbar region, buttocks, tight, or calves.
CapricornProcesses of the gallbladder; emulsify the fats and promotes strong peristalsis in the digestive system. Also rules the knee.
AquariusCalves, and ankles of the legs. Oxygenation of the body, blood circulation in general, rods and cones of the eyes. Nerve related disease on the spinal column in spinal cord.
PiscesLymph gland system, the first protection layer against bacteria and viruses. Directly connected with the amount of mucus in our bodies.
Zodiac as Medical Rulership

After we understand the zodiac as medical rulership, then the next one is to understand the planetary ruler in medical term.

SunHeart organ, Vitamin A & D, Iodine, and Magnesium
Moonall kinds of body fluid and emotional needs. Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin), Potassium. Time indicator to do surgery.
MercuryNervous system, mental attitudes. Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
VenusRich food that pleasure your taster buds. Regulate the throat, thyroid, and kidneys. Lach of tone/ tightness, soft/ weakened muscle. Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) and E, Copper.
MarsMuscle, adrenal glands, how fast an individual can bounce back from sickness, inflammation, and parts of the body that tend to be overworking. Vitamin B-12, Folic acid and fatty acids (Vitamin F), Iron, and Phosphorus.
JupiterSomething that overreacting and lack of control/ cancer (abnormal expansion), swelling, carbohydrate process, body fat. Rich food that high in acid. Vitamin B-6, biotin, choline, pangamic acid (Vitamin B-15), chromium, manganese, and zinc.
SaturnA general planet that significance a chronic ailment. Bones, teeth, and skin (frame of the body).Vitamin C, K, PABA, Biovlavonoid, Calcium, fluorine, sulfur, vanadium.
UranusRules actual impulse from one never synapse to another. Rule spasm condition, related to sign it’s positioned.
NeptuneIndicate an area where there’s high potential of misdiagnosis or misinformation, masked symptoms. Also rules a drug-sensitive individual. Panthothenic acid, laetrile (Vitamin B-17).
PlutoRules life and death of cells. Indicate which part of our bodies that likely ‘transform’, depends on our emotional level. Also rules endocrine/ gland system. Orotic acid (Vitamin B-13)
The planet as Medical Rulership

Next article, we’ll discuss how to see our potential illness based on a natal chart.

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Astrology of Love: An Alternative Way to See Which Kind of People We Most Likely Attracted To

In astrology reading, most of the time, we found out our clients always asked about their love life. Be it they still single or already married. And most of the time, in many astrology articles, we tend to simplify from our sun sign zodiac, then look up at zodiac sign that becomes ‘angles’ from our sun sign. Angles in this case mean the 4th, 7th, or 10th sign from our sun sign

In astrology reading, most of the time, we found out our clients always asked about their love life. Be it they still single or already married.

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And most of the time, in many astrology articles, we tend to simplify from our sun sign zodiac, then look up at zodiac sign that becomes ‘angles’ from our sun sign. Angles in this case mean the 4th, 7th, or 10th sign from our sun sign.

For example, if your sun sign is Aries, then any people with Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, will likely become your soulmate or lover or whatever term we want to use. Another example, if your sun sign is in Aquarius, then any people with Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio will likely become your lover.

In this article, I’ll try to offer an alternative way to read which kind of people we’ll likely attract by looking at our natal chart.

Brief Information About House and Zodiac in Astrology

In case you, a reader, are still new to astrology, let me have a brief explanation about house and zodiac in an astrology chart. In every astrology chart, we see a circular chart divided into  12 parts that are sometimes equal and sometimes unequal part, depending on the system you use. But most of the time, there’s a number from one to twelve near the middle inner circle, counting counter-clockwise. That’s what we called “house”: a roughly 1/12 slice of pie that has a number from 1 to 12.

And when we see an astrologer say like “2nd house in Libra”, it means that the 2nd house cusps are in Libra sign. House cusps for each house are lines drawn BEFORE the house number. For example, we can look at this picture.

House Cusps Illustration

As we see in this illustration, 1st house cusps is in Libra, 6th house cusps is in Pisces, and 11th house cusps is in Leo. Therefore, this chart has 1st house in Libra, 6th house in Pisces, and 11th house in Leo.

How to See Our Love Pattern? Look at the 5th and 7th House.

If you google the meaning of 5th house, we’ll find some topics related to creativity, children, our “output”, something we’d like to do, and also love affairs. When we google the meaning of 7th house, we’ll see anything related to partnership: business one or love one (husband/wife), as long as partners in this context are bound by some kind of legal term.

But to make it more simple, we can look at 5th house as…

The information where we tend to attract people that want to have some short-term or not contract-binding relationship with you. 

For example, casual dating, partner for living together, and any kind of open relationship.

And for 7th house…

The information where we tend to attract people that want to have some commitment or contract-binding relationship with you.

Of course, if we want to see which kind of people we attract as spouses, we look at the 7th house.

Why I’m using 2 house dynamics as part of our analysis?

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The first one is, that we can see the zodiac in each house as an archetype for our expectations, habit, and our attitude toward anything related to that house. It also works two ways about what kind of people we’d likely attract or pull into our lives. Not in the zodiacal sun-sign sense, but more on attitude and way of thinking.

So, if our house 5 is in Libra, it means we tend to fill the void in our hearts by searching for somebody to fill it. Most likely, in the short-term relationship sense (5th house theme), we tend to search for anyone to fill as our partner because we don’t want to be alone at all costs for love relationship, at least in the short-term.

But at the same time, we also attract someone who also searches for balance, not only in work life but also in relationships. We may attract someone that seems indecisive but actually because he/she tries to come up with the best solution to accommodate everybody’s needs/ agenda.

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The 2nd reason is, that our way of thinking and attitude is changing. We think differently from when we search for a partner just for a fling for the first time, compared to when we thought our partner is the one we live with for the rest of our lives.

For example, when we just date someone, we want to spend a lot of time together with our girl/boyfriend. We want to chat a lot from the morning we wake up until before we go to sleep. But when we already living together as a family, most of them didn’t do that anymore, even talking romantically until fell asleep every day. Chances are, from just talking in the morning and at night, now become activity-oriented like preparing breakfast or dinner together and talking about any issue on the news as part of breakfast/ dinner routine.

It’s also shown on our birth chart. For example, when our 5th house is in Libra, then our 7th house is in Sagittarius. It might be from something as simple as filling the void in our heart when we got a boy/girlfriend, now our attitude is changing into becoming more adventurous side when we already have a spouse, just like Sagittarius on 7th house.

Any help to see those love patterns?

Yes, I’ll help you with some brief interpretation. Here’s the table of zodiacs along with the interpretation. All you need to do is just look at which 5th house and 7th house you’re into and see this table.

Of course, for a more detailed relationship interpretation pattern, you still need to consult your astrologer. Especially if you found some problem and want some solution to overcome the relationship challenge.

ZodiacMy likely way of thoughtThe person I likely ‘attract’ to
AriesHigh energy and motivation to start a relationship, most likely start the relationship first then think about the long-term later.A high-spirited person, a romantic one, also tends to attract a competitive person.
TaurusMore traditional, have strong ground rules about which person can have a relationship with me. Also more realistic-materialistic approach view of relationships.Have a good background or career. Likely to attract a consistent and patient person.
GeminiLike to see some alternatives before deciding the one. Like a smart person.Talkative, sometimes unfocused person, his/ her usual attitude towards friend/ new person, most likely mistaken as flirting.
CancerOther factors don’t really matter as long as I’m comfortable besides that person.Home / family-oriented person. Think a lot about his/her parent, and will do everything for his/ her family.
LeoComfortable almost with any person, as long as they also support me and don’t openly oppose me. a celebrity vibe kind of people, people with a good reputation and seen by lots of people.
VirgoSomehow, I’m more focused on my social circle than myself. And unfortunately, my partner is part of me. A friend-oriented and detailed person. Needs to be reminded about how to treat partner/ lover.
LibraLooking for a lover/ partner to fill the void in my heart. I can move on from a toxic relationship, as long as a new one already stands in front of me.A person who looks indecisive on the outside but searches for a harmonious way on the inside.
ScorpioI tend to look ‘too detailed’ on my partner. Any information, however small and trivial, is important to me. And I hope they understand my “passion” for my partner.Likely to attract possessive people, can see the deepest secret in people. Also, high chance that I’m attracting people who’d love to have sex.
SagittariusFreedom to live and freedom to love. Have a good and open possibility about any kind of love. Tend to get bored easily if no variation in the relationship.Adventurous people, more on open relationship and doesn’t like strict commitment.
CapricornI think love needs to be established step by step. In the proper way, not an instantaneous sudden spark kind of way like everybody’s doing usually. Not a romantic person and more unto love to work personality. Tend to express love in a realistic and concrete act than sweet talk.
AquariusThe relationship needs to be different and unorthodox. Open to any possibilities and willing to go against the current relationship. An eccentric and unique person, sometimes hard to understand. Also, tend to against the standard norm.
PiscesHave a tendency toward idealized relationships. I know it’s hard to achieve that kind of ideal relationship, but still worth trying. Sometimes, I have difficulties separating between a dream and a more realistic one. A dreamer, visionary person. Sometimes tend to self-sacrifice for the sake of others. Have a soft heart and high intuition.
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Things To Consider Before Reading Someone’s Career With Astrology

Most astrologers, when reading clients’ careers, they usually look at the 10th house, which zodiac the 10th house in, and interpret the suitable career for them based on the zodiac and planets (if any) on that house. In practice, it isn’t that simple. And in this article, I’ll share some insight about career reading.

Most astrologers, when reading clients’ careers, they usually look at the 10th house, which zodiac the 10th house in, and interpret the suitable career for them based on the zodiac and planets (if any) on that house.

In practice, it isn’t that simple. And in this article, I’ll share some insight about career reading.

What is a Career Anyway?

According to the Oxford language definition, a career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

It has 2 important things: the occupation for a significant period of a person’s life and ALSO opportunities for progress. The problem with that definition is, that’s very different from what ‘usual people’ perceive about a career. In reality, people perceive a career as…

An occupation that they love to do and leads to opportunities for gaining a relatively lot of money by investing their time and effort.

So, when a client asks me “Which career suits me?”, usually the real meaning of the question is, “Which job that I’d love to do and potentially leads to a lot of money?” And that’s the tricky part when we read their birth chart. In some cases, their ‘big money’ opportunity does not come from their so-called career.

So, what should we do when a client wants to tell us about their career? Here’s some step to consider before reading about their career.

1st Step: Knowing The House Placement That ‘Related’ to Career

As I’ve said before, most astrologers will read the client’s 10th house for a career and that’s what we usually do. But before jumping into that, from my own experience (and other astrologers), it’s not always the 10th house.

Yes, the 10th house in astrology, is related to career, for more precise, related to any job activities that you’d likely be passionate about. For example, if your 10th house is in Pisces, you’d likely have a passion for art, any practice related to ease of mind/ mindfulness therapy, psychology, or anything related to selfless social service.

But there’s another house which we need to consider: the 6th house. In traditional astrology, it is related to the house of slavery and is considered a bad house. But in the modern sense, this house is more related to everyday service, contribution, or everyday job. The difference with the 10th house is, while the 10th house is a kind of job that you have passion, the 6th house is an everyday job that you’d likely not have passion in there. But still decided to do that kind of job for money or for your own well-being.

Another consideration besides the 10th and 6th house is the 2nd house and 11th house. 2nd house is related to “in which sector, archetypally you’d likely gain more money?”. While 11th house is related to “Which sector, archetypally you’d likely gains -windfall- type of money?”.

After we know, there is actually another 2 house to consider besides the regular 6th and 10th house, then we need to see…

Step 2: Are There Any Planets in the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house? How they are related to each other by aspect and rulership?

This becomes a tricky part. For example, if we find the client’s planet in the 2nd house has an aspect to some planet in the 10th house, then we can safely say that his passion has the potential to generate money.

For example…

Native Chart

From this chart, we can see the native’s 10th house in Capricorn, a career that is related to the structure and reputation of the company. With Uranus and Neptune in the 10th house, we can see that her passion might be a career with a structured way to build a reputation, related to art, sound, dream (Neptune), and technology (Uranus). It turns out, she is a voice-over actress she’s passionate there.

At the same time, her MC – Neptune – Uranus all trine to her South Node in Taurus, 2nd house. Venus is also located in her 2nd house. 2nd house is the house of material possession, Taurus is a sign of something traditional and materialistic at the same time, while South Node signifies her -inborn talent-. Venus as benefict planet also located in her 2nd house, which signifies beauty, love, and aesthetics.

When she is just a voice actress, she got a relatively good job with a relatively moderate amount of payment. But when she tries to do some singing and cover song in her spare time, with a traditional vibe as her main theme and selling point (Taurus), then somehow, she gets more payment in her career as a voice actress even though between voice actress and traditional singer are not directly related.

In another case, if we find a planet (or planet ruler) in the client’s 2nd house aspecting the planet in the 6th house, while his 10th house isn’t related to the 2nd house, then we can analyze that his routine work that doesn’t meet his passion, actually generates more money than a career based on his passion.

Here’s an example chart…

Harry Duke of Sussex Chart

This becomes a somewhat extreme example. Aquarius in the 2nd house is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. His Saturn on the 11th house has opposition to his moon on the 5th house in Taurus. Which represents his ‘job’ that generates money is related to social service (11th house) that motivates people (Scorpio) and his creative affair (5th house) and his lover (moon). At the same time, Uranus in Sagittarius 12th House opposes Chiron in Gemini 6th House. We can make another suggestion that his job that generates money is also related to his unorthodox and revolutionary (Uranus) way of thinking (12th house) to explore something new (Sagittarius). That kind of unorthodox thinking can help him to heal from his trauma (Chiron) related to his everyday work (6th house) by becoming the speaker or motivator (Gemini) for his everyday environment.

At the same time, his passion, which is the 10th house in Libra and also has Venus in there (Venus is Libra ruler) is to become a celebrity (Libra and Venus) on his own. But his Venus only trine mars. No degree-based aspect between Venus and Saturn or Uranus. So we can analyze, if he follows his passion while sacrificing his everyday work, he’ll likely get less money than before.

And I think, objectively, since Prince Harry has left royals (signifies his daily work), he got less and less money than before. He needs to work very hard to get money enough for his family’s luxurious lifestyle even though he does what is he passionate about.

Move on to another condition…

If we find a planet in the 6th house that has an aspect to a planet in the 10th house, we can analyze that the client has a chance to find daily work that related to his passion. Especially if we combine the archetype qualities of the zodiac in the 6th and 10th houses. But if either planet in the 6th or 10th house has an aspect to a planet in the 2nd house, then we can analyze that his/ her career/ job will generate a relatively moderate amount of money.

And if this is the case, then there’ll be a 99% chance our client will ask, “Which job can I get more money for?”. And this is where it becomes interesting…

Step 3: Look for the most benefict planet in the client’s chart.

In Hellenistic astrology, we need to see whether the client’s chart is a day chart or a night chart. The most benefict planet for a daily chart is Jupiter while for a night chart is Venus.

Look where the most benefict planet is located. Analyze the house and its zodiac, and we will know which kind of jobs most likely get him more money.

And last, there’s a kind of special condition…

Extra Step: If Pluto is Conjunct to either Venus or Jupiter, It’s very recommended to pursue a career related to their location.

One of the keywords for Pluto, archetypally, besides transformation, is to make planet energies increase more extreme, especially if those planets conjunct Pluto.

So, if either Venus or Jupiter conjunct Pluto, it means that the quality of that planet is extremely increasing. And if you found that configuration in the client’s chart, I’ll recommend the client to pursue the career related to conjunction’s position and zodiac.

For example, here’s the chart of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Chart

We see there’s a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in the 2nd house in Leo. And we can analyze that he has a high potential to get lots of money by making his ide known to the public (Leo sign) and those ideas need to be related to something that can be acquired/ buy easily by common people (2nd house signification). Plus, with Uranus as a technological revolution planet also in the 2nd house of Leo, he needs to make some innovation/ revolution related to technology.

We know he’s famous and extremely rich because of his Microsoft Company. A software company that has a mission to make Windows OS become widely used by people who use computers for any kind of activities.

Warren Buffet Chart

Although not exact conjunct, Warren Buffet has near conjunct between Pluto and Jupiter, in Cancer, 8th house. As we know that the 8th house is a house of native + other people’s money or house of investment, then we can analyze that he’ll have a high potential to gain more money if he chooses a career related to investigation.

And as we know, He’s extremely rich because of his intuition about investment. He’s become the 4th wealthiest man with a career as American Investor with his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Closing Remark

Reading career dynamics in astrology isn’t as simple as looking at the client’s 10 houses. Most of the time, although clients usually ask “Which career that suitable for me?”, most of the time, they ask “Which job that generates the highest possible income for me?”. We need to find what they really want to ask and interpret their chart accordingly.

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The Magic of Writing Your Wish Along With Astrology (Election) Time

ome of my friends, ask me whether astrology can get along well with magick. And I’m saying “yes!” with bold confidence. And here’s a simple idea that I’ll share with you: writing and signing your wish with the help of planetary power.

Some of my friends, ask me whether astrology can get along well with magick. And I’m saying “yes!” with bold confidence. And here’s a simple idea that I’ll share with you: writing and signing your wish with the help of planetary power.

The basic idea is, magick is come from your mind, programmed your wish into your subconscious, and ‘sends’ it to the universe. With astrology, we also can decide when is the good time to send our wish/prayer to the universe in the hope of better results.

Step 1: Try writing a relatively attainable wish/ goal for now

For the first time, try to write a relatively attainable wish/goal to your journal or on the book/ paper you can keep for the time being. Remember, for this kind of exercise, we need a good realistic deadline.

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For example:

I want to have 6 new clients in a week from the day I sign this wish.

I want to have an extra US$ 40.000 in 30 days from the day I sign this wish.

I want to meet at least 5 new people that can help my career in 30 days from the date I sign this wish.

Making the goal in number is more helpful than a qualitative approach. So, we know whether we achieve our goal or not objectively. Another reason is that our mind (and our action) will move to our goal with clearer and more focused activities.

Step 2: Choose the date and time to ‘sign’ those goal

Now, here’s where we use astrology to see the right time to sign and speak our goal to the universe. Basically, we need to see the good date and time by looking at some factors:

  • Is it a day chart or a night chart? Day chart when the sun is above horizon and night chart when the sun is under the horizon.
  • Which planet has the most benefict and most malefict in the chart? As we know in the Hellenistic method, the most benefict and most malefic in the day chart are Jupiter and Mars respectively. While in the night chart, are Venus and Saturn.
  • Place the most benefict planet is in the house related to our goal and have soft aspects while at the same time, we try to reduce any hard aspect to the most malefict planet. For example, if our goal is related to the corporate world, and it’s a day chart, we might want to place Jupiter in the 10th house. If our goal is related to marriage, and it’s a night chart, we want to place Venus in the 7th house.
  • The moon has a soft aspect to the benefict and not in the bad house, and not aspected to malefict (at least avoid hard aspect to the malefict!)
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How to tinker with the ‘good time’? We can use some astrology software like solar fire, astromatirx, co-star, and any astrology software will do. As long as you can tinkering the date and time.

Let’s see some examples of date/ time alternatives

Election Chart 1

We can see from the example above, it’s a day chart. The most benefict planet is Jupiter and the most malefic is mars. At 15:00 afternoon, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mercury are in the 7th house, house of marriage. So it’s a good time for signing your goal related to your marriage. Although, we also need to be careful about money management, since there’s Chiron in the 8th house. But this alternative is better if we proceed carefully in money management.

At the same time, it’s not a good time for signing your goal related to daily work or health, since Mars and Saturn are both malefic planets even though there’s venus in the 6th house. House of everyday activities and health concerns.

Another example…

Election chart 2

For 2nd example, since it is also a day chart, Jupiter is the most benefit planet in this chart. And since the moon is conjunct the MC, it’s a good time to sign your goal for anything career-related.

Be wary though, it’s not a good time for signing something related to travel and religion since its 9th house has Saturn and Mars. And it’s also not recommended for goals related to social circle or community stuff.

The last example…

Election chart 3

This time, it’s a night chart. The most benefict planet is Venus. And both Venus and Jupiter (and also Neptune) in Pisces, 5th house. It’s a good time to sign some goal/wish related to any creative (art-related) project or related to a short-term love affair. But even though house 5 is also related to children, it’s not recommended for that since at this date and time, the moon has some opposition and square to some planets in the 10th house.

Step 3: Sign your goal

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After we determine which date and time that considered a good one, then the last thing we need to do is sign our goal at that date and time. And finish it with your prayer (any prayer will do!) to affirm your intention is in line with the universe/ God’s will and say “thank you” to close your affirmation.

Then, close your journal and continue your daily activities with anything that makes you become closer to your goal.

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Solar Eclipse: Hypothesis About Short-Term Personal Disturbance

I found another interesting pattern about some disturbance or bad omen related to the solar eclipse.

Most of the time, if we search about any article related to the Solar Eclipse phenomenon and its meaning in astrology, we saw the phenomenon is translated on a positive tone. The keyword usual astrology article is “Massive Change related to sun position in our chart.”

I personally have no comment about that since on myself, It didn’t feel like a massive change on me, even though I’m giving time like 10 – 20 days after. Instead of that, I found another interesting pattern about some disturbance or bad omen related to the solar eclipse.

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I don’t think I need to explain in a long article. But in some cultures and religions: ancient Babylonian, China, and especially Hinduism nowadays treat solar eclipse is a bad omen. Many legends tell about a chaotic situation, war, calamity, or the death of the great king will happen along with solar eclipse.

Once again, this article is also purely my hypothesis and it still needs a lot of research to see its validity. In my personal research, this kind of solar eclipse for last year have some tremendous effects on each people. The keyword for this one is “short-term personal disturbance”.

Knowing the potential disturbance from solar eclipse of personal level

If some legends tell us about solar eclipse’s impact on our macro/ mundane condition, then how do they impact our personal level? Fortunately, I’ve found those interesting patterns easily. Here’s the condition:

  1. We only use Sun Sign, although we still need to look at our own birth chart
  2. We look at our sun sign AS 1st HOUSE
  3. See which zodiac has solar eclipse
  4. Count which position of the house, from our sun sign zodiac (as the 1st house)
  5. The short-term disturbance will likely happen along with the solar eclipse moment, from start to finish.

So, for example, my sun sign is Capricorn. I treat Capricorn as the 1st house. On 2021 December 4th, there’s a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the 12th house from Capricorn. And from the beginning of the solar eclipse to finish, I’ve somehow got an indescribable headache like it’s not feeling pain, but I feel like a combination of my conscious is only half, can not focus, my head feels lighter. I’m still can move and do some everyday activities, but I literally can not think at that time.

Another example, at the same time, my friend who is an Aries sun sign, since the solar eclipse happened in Sagittarius, he confirm to me that he experience a delay in his traveling when the solar eclipse happened. Unfortunately, it’s only him who got delayed for a whole day. Since for Aries, Sagittarius is his 9th house, house of travel, it’s too coincidence, right?

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The last example, also my friend, who is a Pisces sun sign, at the same time she has something terrible happened in her career. Sagittarius is the 10th house from Pisces. She nearly got layoff because she got angry with her boss at that time because of some miscommunication and turns out, it’s the company system that leads to those miscommunications and it isn’t slightly her fault at that time.

Knowing the disturbance

Since we already know in which house (from our sun sign) the disturbance will likely happen, here’s some guidance to identify.

House (relative
to sun sign)
Type of disturbance
(at the moment of the solar eclipse)
1Our overall productivity, better don’t do anything at solar eclipse and just enjoy your time at that moment
2Transaction, money/ possession related disturbance
3communication (like mercury retrograde effect) & commute
4family, home, parent, more emotional to them than usual
5child, love affair, creative working
6physical activities, everyday job routine, suddenly feels very tired
7spouse, business partner, can get miscommunication easily
8joint asset, financial right and obligation, avoid making financial / investment related decision at this time
9long travel, religion/ spirituality, divination work, can get delayed
10overall career and reputation, careful of the working system
11your socialization with your friend, never take their say to your heart
12your mind/ subconscious, concentration, do anything that can relax your mind

The Next Eclipse in 2022 ?

in 2022, we have two partial solar eclipse:

  1. April 31st in Taurus
  2. October 25th in Scorpio

I sincerely hope by providing this hypothesis and information, we can prepare ourselves to mitigate its effect on us on a personal level and avoid any unnecessary activities that bring us more trouble than it needs to.

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A Little Insight of House 4th and 10th: Family Dynamics

I found some interesting pattern that if at least one planet in 4th house but no planet in 10th house or vice versa, then there’s a high probability that one parental figure is very ‘dominant’ than the others.

I’m writing this article with the same intention as the previous one: to share my insight about astrology based on my observation of the chart. Although this one I’m confident that this knowledge could be used as insight for our astrological practice, it still needs more time to observe its validity.

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So, what I’m talking about? I’m discussing the 4th house and 10th house in astrology. Usually, astrologers said that the 4th house is regarding mother and the 10th house about father, or vice versa, depending on which approach you learn so far. But since every country has its own culture about parenting, I think that those mother-father information in the 4th and 10th house are not relevant anymore.

I kinda agree with writing from Kris Brandt Riske from the book ” Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Astrology “, for let’s just say that 4th house related to parental figure that makes ‘rules’ in the house, while 10th house related to parental figure that going outside the house for work. In this case, we can add many layers of interpretation, since nowadays man doesn’t always have more money than woman while woman doesn’t always become a ‘full-time housewife ‘.

I think that the 4th and 10th house interpretations are very related to co-parenting trend in this modern era.

After you know my interpretation about those houses, let’s jump into some insight about the 4th and 10th house interpretation. Here I’ve found two interesting patterns in the astrology chart.

Pattern 1: if at least one planet is in 4th house but no planet in 10th house or vice versa, then the native is being cared AS IF being cared by SINGLE PARENT

I found some interesting pattern that if at least one planet in 4th house but no planet in 10th house or vice versa, then there’s a high probability that one parental figure is very ‘dominant’ than the others.

It can be two things: the native is being raised with one figure very dominant over the others, or the native’s biological mother/ father passes away at a relatively early age.

For the first scenario, most of the time because of some circumstances, only one parent figure sets the rules in the house while at the same time, he/ she goes to work. Another parental figure will likely not be very dominant or give the very least value to the native’s life. Maybe because of the family’s culture, or maybe because they are divorced and the native just follows one of them, or simply because one biological father/ mother just does not really care about the native.

The other probability is, one of biological parent figure is died in the native’s early life. But in this case, we need to be very careful here. We should ask the native condition through some question like…. “Is one parent figure very dominant in raising you? Which one? How’s the other figure take care of you?” than playing some ‘psychic trick’ here. At least, that’s my approach as Astrology Consultant.

Example of Pattern 1

Here we look some example of celebrity chart as if being raised by single parent.

Barrack Obama
Official Portrait of Barrack Obama, 2012 from Wikipedia
Barrack Obama , WholeSign House , from

Barrack Obama has his parent divorced and raised by his mother, Ann Durham with the help of his maternal grandparent. In his chart, we see 4th house with no planet while neptune is in his 10th house.

The next one is …

Halle Berry
Berry at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con , from wikipedia
Halle Berry , WholeSign House , from

Halle Berry and her sister, are raised by single mother, Judith Ann after their father left when she was only 4 years old. She has Moon, Mercury, and Sun in Leo, 4th house while no planets in Aquarius, 10th house.

Now the last example…,

Jay-Z 2011, from Wikipedia
Jay-Z, WholeSign House, from

Jay-Z and his 3 siblings were raised in Brooklyn by his mother, Gloria, after their father abandoned the family. He has Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, 4th house while no planet in Gemini, 10th house. Remember, MC is a ‘point’ not a real planet.

Before moving on to another pattern, I want to clarify, it’s not necessarily mean that all children raised by a single parent will have the same pattern in the 4th and 10th house; even a child without those patterns still has the potential to be raised only by one dominant parental figure. But from my experience, all my clients with that pattern, have one very dominant parent figure. So yeah, it’s not the other way around.

Ok, unto 2nd pattern…

Pattern 2: if no planet is in the 4th and 10th house, there’s a high probability that the native is raised not with the biological parent.

I found that while doing some consultation, if the native chart has no planet, both in the 4th and 10th house, it means that they are being raised not by biological mother and father. Either they are being raised by their parent’s sibling (like uncle/ aunt) because of some circumstances, by their grandparent, or by the foster parent. In some extreme cases, the native is adopted either because their parent can’t raise them in some way, or they have already passed away.

This is also a sensitive topic, so if you want to use this analysis, I recommend approaching this softly. For example, ask/ confirm the client like, “Who raised you at your early age if I may know?” or “Is somehow, because of some circumstances, you’re raised not by the biological parent?”

Example of Pattern 2

Ok, the first one is…

John Lennon
John Lennon 1969, from wikipedia
John Lennon, WholeSign Houses, from

Many accounts of John Lennon’s early life are ambiguous, but one thing that certainly is, from childhood to adolescence, he’s raised by his aunt, Mimi Smith, and Mimi’s husband. We see there are no planets in the 4th and 10th house.

Next one is…

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, from wikipedia
Steve Jobs, WholeSign House, from

Steve Jobs’s biological parents were unmarried, and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. In his chart, we see no planets in his 4th and 10th house.

Ruth Westheimer
Ruth Westheimer 2018, from Wikipedia
Ruth Westheimer, WholeSign House, from

She’s known as Dr. Ruth, a Jewish German – American Sex Therapist. From Wikipedia, we know she was sent to an orphanage while she was 10 and her parent were killed in the concentration camp in World War II. As we see in her chart, no planets in the 4th and 10th house.

I’m seeing this kind of pattern mostly when I’m using WholeSign House System or Equal House System. In my experience, these patterns can’t be reversed, which means we still find a native in foster care even though there’re planets in the 4th and 10th house. But…., if we see the native chart and 4th and 10th house are missing planet, then there’s a high probability they are cared not by biological parent…, and it doesn’t mean that their parent passes away. It’s best to think that some external circumstances make their biological parent can’t raise their children. 

Final Thought

Although I found this pattern intriguing, especially by using the Wholesign house system (and sometimes in equal house system), I’m not asking this kind of question directly like “Is your parent died?” since it’s too judging (and I might be wrong about that). But I’m usually asking in a softer approach like, “How’s your parent? Are they taking care of you while you are still a child?”.

Hope this article can contribute to astrology knowledge at large and become useful in your astrology reading practice.

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My Hypothesis About Chiron in Medical Astrology

Chiron is rarely mentioned in those medical astrology literature. Although we know Chiron as an archetype of Wounded Healer : The one who heal others by learning from his own wound at the same time.

The Education of Achilles by Chironfresco from Herculaneum, 1st century AD (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples)

Most of the time, either in modern or traditional astrology, the astrologer will evaluate the client’s medical condition by seeing each planet’s condition. In a more simple term, we see which planet has more than one hard aspect, especially through the malefic planet, and we make analyze any potential illness the native will likely experience throughout their life. And also as a bonus, which supplement can reduce/ mitigate those illnesses.

But through my study and ( little ) research, Chiron is rarely mentioned in the medical astrology literature. Although we know Chiron as an archetype of Wounded Healer: The one who heals others by learning from his wound at the same time. Most likely we found Chiron as an Archetype of Healing factor in our modern astrology practice.

The Usual Chiron Meaning

When we see Chiron in the birth chart, some new students at astrology will find it hard to translate this kind of archetype to a more concrete example. To put it simply, astrologers mostly interpret Chiron as the place (the house in our chart) we found some healing factor and that’s correct. But maybe, not the whole story.

Photo by Brett Jordan on

From my own experience, depends on which house system you’ll use (I’m using Placidus and wholesign house complementary for birth chart reading), I found that the location of Chiron is to know the aspect of our life that we potentially have/ will face a traumatic event.

For example, someone who has Chiron in the 5th house will likely face his traumatic experience in his childhood when he has children. Someone who has Chiron in the 8th house will likely face her traumatic experience related to a joint asset, sex, or death itself.

And for this one, it’s very helpful as an alternative tool for assessment, especially for a psychologist who is also an astrologer, to find which traumatic/wounded event will be most deep in the client’s psyche.

My Hypothesis About Chiron’s Another Significator

While most medical astrology are using planet (both natal and transit) to analyze a client’s disease, I’ve found through consultation and some famous people’s birth charts, there are some correlations between potential diseases or some impact on our body when we experience some accident. In short, body sickness comes from an “outside factor”.

Photo by Pixabay on

Yeah, in medical astrology, we analyze our potential sickness to our body that comes from within by analyzing our planet in our birth chart. While I think, we can analyze the potential sickness of our body that comes from harm outside our body. That’s my hypothesis right now.

How to analyse Chiron ? It’s rather simple…

  1. Just locate our Chiron in which zodiac
  2. Find the planetary rulership of those zodiac
  3. See-through literature or google, which part of the body that rules by that zodiac and planet.
  4. And voila, you’ll know which part of your body that will be harmed if you experience some extreme accident at a later time.

In some cases, this kind of ‘accident’ can happen only once, twice, or several times in your lifetime. Some traditional Hellenistic methods can help us “how many times” the accident potential will happen in our lifetime: through a simple quadruplicities of the zodiac, annual profection, or even more complex zodiacal releasing method especially from lot of fortune.

Example Chart 1 : Christopher Reeves

Christopher Reeve from Wikipedia
Christopher Reeve using WholeSign House from

We see the Chiron is in house 6th in Capricorn.

Capricorn usually rules on knees and joint problems within the bone. Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, which is synonymized as ruler of frame of the body, which is skin and also our bones, depending on the chart.

And when we search Christopher Reeve on Wikipedia, we found that he broke his neck because he was thrown from a horse in a competition accident. He’s paralyzed from his shoulder and using a wheelchair and ventilator for the rest of his life.

The keyword like he can’t move his body from shoulder / his move is very limited, is very Capricorn and Saturnian thing.

The same can also be seen at the next chart

Example Chart 2 : Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo From Wikipedia
Frida Kahlo using WholeSign House from

Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for her portrait, is also had an accident that makes her suffer from a long pain in her life.

We see from her chart that Chiron is in Aquarius, and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is known for ruling the calves and ankles of the leg and also the spinal cord. Saturn, we know as the ruler of body frame. While Uranus we know as “spontan muscle spasm” and nervous spasm (along with Mercury).

We know the moment when she changes her life direction from a physician into becoming a painter when she suffer a bus accident: Fractured pelvic bone, punctured abdomen and uterus, spine broken in three places, right leg broken in eleven places, and later on, displaced vertebrae in three places.

So we see some combination here: Aquarius which ruled calves and ankles is broken, accident in Saturn quality (both bone and skin), and also muscle injury (Uranus).

I think those 3 factors: leg in specific, bones and muscle are suffering the most. Even though she recovered from those injuries.

Example Chart 3: Native

My own client chart (without mentioning the name, date of birth, and time of birth), we see some interesting Chiron places…

Native Chart, WholeSign Houses, using Solar Fire 9

We see Chiron in Cancer, which famously rule the stomach and digestive system. The moon as Cancer Ruler is also indicating that emotional treat related to the moon’s cycle.

This is my friend’s chart and he always said to me that he needs to be very careful of what he is eating. Otherwise, he’ll likely have a digestive problem. So yeah, we can see some digestive problem (Cancer) that comes from outside. While at the same time, the moon as Cancer’s ruler, makes him can go from a chill to an emotional person and back to chill in a short time. He also said to me that seeing/ meditating while seeing the full moon in the sky, helps him calm his nerve tremendously.

A Hypothesis That Still Needs More Data

This Chiron archetype as medical astrology stuff, for me, is still a hypothesis and still needs some more data to prove that. Any help by proofing or countering my hypothesis is very much welcome; and hope if my hypothesis is right, we can use this Chiron for our future astrology practice, especially in the medical field.

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When Astrology And Tarot Are Complementing Each Other

In my professional practice, I’m using both, even though I relying mostly on astrology. Why? Because both method have their own ‘strength’ and also challenge.

We can assume that Astrology is much older knowledge than Tarot Card since the first tarot deck is found around mid 15th century. And we also know that the Tarot system, compiled by Aleister Crowley himself, is fusing several systems like Qabalah with its Tree of Life, numerology, I-Ching, and of course archetype from Astrology.

Photo by SHVETS production on

Then, we also know that most of the time, lots of spiritual practitioners combine astrology and also tarot cards for their practice, personally and professionally. Most tarot readers can jump relatively easier astrology and vice versa because of one thing that has in common: astrological archetype.

In my professional practice, I’m using both, even though I rely mostly on astrology. Why? Because both methods have their own ‘strength’ and also challenge.

Tarot : a Fast Brainstorming Tool for Any Answer ( if you can think objectively)

If somehow I’ve got some client in the middle of the road and asking me some question, and because of some condition, I can’t access the internet (lol, just joking), then I’m using a tarot card to brainstorm the answer.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

We have to admit that the tarot is a very versatile tool for brainstorming some answers for practically any question we want to ask. From our love life, which careers that we want to choose, which house we want to buy, which country destination, etc, the most tool that is available to us right now is the tarot card. Why? Simple, most of us bring our cards along.

Any question we want to ask can be answered directly and fast, by shuffling our tarot cards, drawing 1 to 3 cards, and interpreting them.

And who is not interested in doing some short practical magick ritual with a tarot card? Sending our thoughts to the universe in the hope they answer our prayers through our tarot card’s visual symbolism.

Tarot, besides as tool for divination ( meaning: to connect with the divine), brainstorming the answer, tools for magical ritual, brainstorming tools for some idea/ inspiration for making a story, music, and any other entertaining and inspiring media, also can be used for meditation. Even some people use tarot cards as a substitution for the feng shui element in their home!

But that tarot card, especially in consulting practice, is not without its caveat. Wait, they have a caveat? Yes, you heard it right.

To be brutally honest, our tarot card interpretation, even when we draw the card, depends on our mental condition, like it or not.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

Trust me, our reading with a client when our mind isn’t straight, too tired, or under intense stress, rarely results in objectively reading. Plus, we have our own mindset/ value of something. Some people can be neutral reading for let’s say…., a prostitute while some people aren’t. And that kind of bias will affect our reading immensely.

Astrology : An Objective Data With (A Rather Long) Process and Analysis

Then what about astrology?

Astrology itself is also a very versatile tool, albeit for a different purpose. Besides profiling our ‘easy’ and ‘challenging’ potential, we can use astrology for mundane analysis (well….politic and stuff), event analysis and potential, determining our best and worst period with some timing technique, and even we can do some ‘divination’ also with astrology.

And who doesn’t want to know the exact date and time to have some ritual specifics to our needs?

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

Also, the one important side of astrology is, the output data ( a.k.a our birth chart) is very objective. If we input the same date, time, and city where we’re born, the birth chart is always the same. The rest is how we interpret the birth chart.

But let’s be honest, most astrologer needs time to prepare the client’s chart, prepare the timing period material, prepare the keyword for analysis, and so on, especially if it’s a very important and detailed topic.

Written report? If we do the written astrology report (assume we do it ‘manually’), we take time to analyze and choose the writing language as not to offend our client, if we found something rather sensitive on that topic.

And Astrology is very time-sensitive. If we can’t get the client’s birth time (which is a privilege in some countries and generations), even if we have some alternate method to analyze, the reading will be less accurate.

The Reason I’m Using Both: Complementing Each Other

That’s the reason I’m using both for my practice. I’m using tarot card for more intuitive and fast reading, while I’m relying more on Astrology if I have time to prepare the answer before consultation session with my client.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

And it turns out, they really complement each other. While tarot reading can brainstorm and add more inspiration about how the event will unfold, astrology can also add much more detail about when the event has a high chance of happening.

And with astrology, my reading becomes much more objective without relying on some “time cycle” (like moon cycle, transiting Neptune phase, etc) to make my intuition more accurate.

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