I’m doing a private or group Astrology and Tarot Reading Consultation through online meeting. Usually, I’m doing consultation via WhatsApp or Telegram Chart or via Zoom for Video Consultation.

Rendy Fudoh

Most of the time, I’m doing more on Astrology Consultation for the sake of objectivity and neutrality. And I’m using Tarot card for some question that needs more clarity, detail, or for another insight beside astrology chart.

I’m using psychological approach while doing consultation, and will try to have a more practical solution if possible, based on my knowledge and experience.

For consultation rate:

US$ 75 for 30 minutes

US$ 150 for 60 minutes

All consultation needs to be paid in advance through my PayPal Account :

Rendy Fudoh Consultation

Astrology and Tarot Consultation for 30 minutes


For book your consultation schedule, reach me via WhatApp or Telegram at +62 81808034145

Usually, my client always asking me some topic related to love life, career, or family. But it’s advisable to tell me the short story background of your question. It will help me to give insight more clearly regarding your question.

Some consultation topic:

Astrology birth chart reading.

Usually, I’m doing birth chart reading focusing on 1 – 2 topics off native life. It’s useful that way because we can’t cover everything in just 1 hour consultation. Very recommended if you want to know 1 -2 important aspect of your life, also gaining useful insight (and solution) about that part.

Astrology birth chart + momentum reading.

Useful if you want to ask about specific question and when the best period to do that. For this one, I’m combining modern astrology with some Hellenistic Astrology method.

Choice Review Reading

Ever wonder if you are on crossroad? Which decision is best for you? I can help you examine the pro’s and con’s of each decision you have. We make a far better decision if we know the situation and condition, right?

For this one, depends on the case, I’m using astrology birth chart and tarot card.

Any Other … ?

For any other topic of reading using astrology and tarot, just contact me first through WhatsApp or Telegram at +62 81808034145 and we can discuss about it.

Astrology Learning/ Mentoring Session

I can also teach you about astrology, especially about birth chart. The fee for each session is the same as consultation session. Just contact my WhatsApp at +62 81808034145 for book the time for learning session