Medical Astrology, A Quick Lesson Part 3

In this part, I’m using a birth chart combined with transit to determine the source of sickness and some recommendations about which doctor you need to consult if those diseases are in a worrying state.

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Not all kinds of sicknesses are born from our genetic factors. In some cases, even some type of “human error” like too much eating, too much drinking, and less exercise than usual may lead to some potential disease.

In this part, I’m using a birth chart combined with transit to determine the source of sickness and some recommendations about which doctor you need to consult if those diseases are in a worrying state.

How to Identify The Source of Disease: Method 2, TRANSIT

In this method, we have to know two important things:

  • The client’s birth chart
  • Planetary transit chart at the first time the client feels some disease

Most of the time, client’s didn’t know the exact time they experienced the pain the first time, so just set 12:00 p.m as transit time. Alternatively, if the client didn’t know the exact date he feels the pain, then just use the date he goes into bed because of disease or the date that he goes to the clinic/ hospital. Otherwise, if the worst case comes that he didn’t know when at all, just use “today and current time” transit, more like a horary analysis.

And for example, we use “Clare” as a sample birth chart.

“Clare” Birth Chart

On 2 August 2022, Clare told me that her skin somehow become more rash than usual and she felt some kind of fatigue sensation in her back. She thought that she didn’t do any kind of work that really push her and she get adequate sleep. She asked me whether she have the wrong position when she sleep or if anything contributed to her rash skin and fatigue back.

She thinks that she felt something was off at around 31st July 2022. So I’m using her birth chart and the transit on 31st July as the base for analysis.

Here’s the transit for 31st July 2022…

Transit 31st July 2022

Then I’m combining those 2 charts to become like the one below, using the solar fire app.

Clare Chart (inner) and transit position (outer)

In this chart, we found an interesting pattern. Clare’s natal pluto in Scorpio has 2 squares, with transit Uranus (which was in retrograde at that time) in Aquarius and transit mercury in Leo.

In medical astrology, Saturn rules the skin or frame of the body, Pluto rules our body at the cellular level, and Mercury rules our nervous system. Since Clare said she feels fatigued in her back (fatigue also related to the nervous system), and her skin becomes rash (that’s typically Saturn), I think these aspects are worth analyzing. While Pluto in general can’t tell us about a specific part of the body, we can see her natal Pluto, which has 2 squares, is in Scorpio.

Scorpio, besides ruling the reproductive system, also rules a potential for -reinfection from food-, while Aquarius (where transit Saturn is) rules her spinal column, unsurprisingly Leo (where transit mercury at) also rules the spinal cord, which both of them are disease related to back fatigue. Since Saturn is on her 9th house and Mercury is on the 3rd house, which both of them are the house of travel, I’m asking her if recently, before 31st July, she made some short/ long travel to another area that’s outside her every day’s activities and maybe eat something unusual.

The answer is a yes, although the term “unusual” means she hasn’t eaten that kind of food for a long time. Turns out at that time, she eats some seafood that is grilled in the open air environment (that’s literally related to Fire in Leo, Water in Scorpio, and Air in Aquarius for you!). It’s not that the food in there isn’t hygiene, but because she finally eats that grilled seafood, Clare has raised her appetite for grilled seafood and since then, she has always looked at grilled seafood as her lunch at a different place.

Because of eating grilled seafood every day at different places, I think one of those places she eats, has some environment that’s not really hygienic. And that’s what contributes to her food poisoning.

So, my recommendation to her at that time is just to avoid grilled seafood and eat in a hygiene restaurant, for now, to let her body heal itself from food infection. Even if she wants to consult with a doctor, I’m recommending just a general Doctor or internist. She accept my recommendation and now she’s recovered from food poisoning.

Closing Remark

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One of the advantages of Medical Astrology is to help find the source of disease, which sometimes doesn’t directly relate, faster than usual medical check-ups. It’s not meant to replace the analysis from medical professionals, but it might help to find the root cause of the disease, which in most cases, the patient needs to overcome some procedural test before the doctor makes some diagnosis. It can also help us to get some recommendations on which doctor they need to consult if the disease is in a worrying state.

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