Medical Astrology, A Quick Lesson Part 2

In this post, I’m sharing the 1st method I’m using just for a quick reading session for a client that asking for a brief medical consideration.

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After we understand the significance of zodiac and planet in medical astrology, now it’s time to move unto how to analyze potential illnesses that we have from our birth chart.

For that, I need to make some disclaimers first. This medical astrology is used as an alternative diagnosis and can not replace the main medical diagnosis provided by medical professionals. Astrology, especially medical astrology only read the potential illness and its source and doesn’t mean it will manifest in your life. All medication for treatment, if some medical astrologer provides that, is advisable to consult a person which is professional in the respective medical field before you really take those.

How To Identify Our Potential Sickness From Our Chart: Method 1, Fast General Reading

In this post, I’m sharing the 1st method I’m using just for a quick reading session for a client that asking for a brief medical consideration. And from this method only, we need to give some information beforehand that this is just a quick reading for potential illness to a client, for more detailed diagnosis in astrology, usually, we need to do another session just for that topic. I’ll share the more detailed reading for medical consideration in part 3 of this post.

The first method is simple, we use Saturn as a significator for potential sickness that comes from within, and Chiron for potential sickness that comes from outside. Just see where the Saturn and Chiron are in the client’s chart.

For example…

“Robert” Chart

In Robert’s chart, we see Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Gemini.

As Saturn in Scorpio, we can see Robert’s potential illnesses are in his reproductive system, prostate gland, AND food poisoning. We just tell him that potential illness that comes from his own body and sees which one is more makes sense to him. Most of the time, food poisoning is more common. It might be because he usually so much trial and error with any kind of food ingredients in his house (house 4 gives us information about the home situation), and sometimes, his trial and error become so extreme (pluto in 4th house) that food poisoning is a common occurrence to him.

While Chiron is in Gemini, we can see Robert’s potential illness is in his arm, shoulder, central nervous system, or kidney tube. Again, we just tell him about that potential illness and just tell him to be very careful. If somehow he got some accident, his arm, shoulder, nervous system, or his body’s tube will likely be impacted.

As for how for him to be careful, just see in which house Chiron falls into. In this case, 11th house. It means those accidents are likely to happen if he’s not careful in socializing or interacting with his friend or communities. It might also mean that if he spent too much time on something related to technological advancement or too much work to achieve his hope and dreams (11th house topic), then he most likely experience some accident that harm his arm or body’s tube in the future.

Let’s see another example…

Joe’s Chart

Assume the name of this chart is Joe, we can see Chiron is in Aries, 2nd house and Saturn is in Aquarius, 12th house.

Chiron in Aries rules the head and motor center of the brain, also blood circulation to the head. Joe needs to be careful especially when he does something related to his 2nd house (money, material possession matters), because there’s the potential of harming his head.

For example, if he’s overworked himself simply because his job/ project rewards lots of money in a short time and he wants that job to finish as soon as possible, it’s likely he’ll get a headache.

Saturn in Aquarius, rules the calves, ankles, blood circulation, eyes, and nerve system in the spinal column. From this one, he has some potential to injure his calves or ankles or have some abnormal blood circulation because of his mind in a constant negative situation or bad mood for a long time or too much thinking psychologically or too much sleep (12th house topic).

Next Article, we’ll discuss the 2nd method to see the potential illness in more detail.

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My Hypothesis About Chiron in Medical Astrology

Chiron is rarely mentioned in those medical astrology literature. Although we know Chiron as an archetype of Wounded Healer : The one who heal others by learning from his own wound at the same time.

The Education of Achilles by Chironfresco from Herculaneum, 1st century AD (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples)

Most of the time, either in modern or traditional astrology, the astrologer will evaluate the client’s medical condition by seeing each planet’s condition. In a more simple term, we see which planet has more than one hard aspect, especially through the malefic planet, and we make analyze any potential illness the native will likely experience throughout their life. And also as a bonus, which supplement can reduce/ mitigate those illnesses.

But through my study and ( little ) research, Chiron is rarely mentioned in the medical astrology literature. Although we know Chiron as an archetype of Wounded Healer: The one who heals others by learning from his wound at the same time. Most likely we found Chiron as an Archetype of Healing factor in our modern astrology practice.

The Usual Chiron Meaning

When we see Chiron in the birth chart, some new students at astrology will find it hard to translate this kind of archetype to a more concrete example. To put it simply, astrologers mostly interpret Chiron as the place (the house in our chart) we found some healing factor and that’s correct. But maybe, not the whole story.

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From my own experience, depends on which house system you’ll use (I’m using Placidus and wholesign house complementary for birth chart reading), I found that the location of Chiron is to know the aspect of our life that we potentially have/ will face a traumatic event.

For example, someone who has Chiron in the 5th house will likely face his traumatic experience in his childhood when he has children. Someone who has Chiron in the 8th house will likely face her traumatic experience related to a joint asset, sex, or death itself.

And for this one, it’s very helpful as an alternative tool for assessment, especially for a psychologist who is also an astrologer, to find which traumatic/wounded event will be most deep in the client’s psyche.

My Hypothesis About Chiron’s Another Significator

While most medical astrology are using planet (both natal and transit) to analyze a client’s disease, I’ve found through consultation and some famous people’s birth charts, there are some correlations between potential diseases or some impact on our body when we experience some accident. In short, body sickness comes from an “outside factor”.

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Yeah, in medical astrology, we analyze our potential sickness to our body that comes from within by analyzing our planet in our birth chart. While I think, we can analyze the potential sickness of our body that comes from harm outside our body. That’s my hypothesis right now.

How to analyse Chiron ? It’s rather simple…

  1. Just locate our Chiron in which zodiac
  2. Find the planetary rulership of those zodiac
  3. See-through literature or google, which part of the body that rules by that zodiac and planet.
  4. And voila, you’ll know which part of your body that will be harmed if you experience some extreme accident at a later time.

In some cases, this kind of ‘accident’ can happen only once, twice, or several times in your lifetime. Some traditional Hellenistic methods can help us “how many times” the accident potential will happen in our lifetime: through a simple quadruplicities of the zodiac, annual profection, or even more complex zodiacal releasing method especially from lot of fortune.

Example Chart 1 : Christopher Reeves

Christopher Reeve from Wikipedia
Christopher Reeve using WholeSign House from

We see the Chiron is in house 6th in Capricorn.

Capricorn usually rules on knees and joint problems within the bone. Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, which is synonymized as ruler of frame of the body, which is skin and also our bones, depending on the chart.

And when we search Christopher Reeve on Wikipedia, we found that he broke his neck because he was thrown from a horse in a competition accident. He’s paralyzed from his shoulder and using a wheelchair and ventilator for the rest of his life.

The keyword like he can’t move his body from shoulder / his move is very limited, is very Capricorn and Saturnian thing.

The same can also be seen at the next chart

Example Chart 2 : Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo From Wikipedia
Frida Kahlo using WholeSign House from

Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter known for her portrait, is also had an accident that makes her suffer from a long pain in her life.

We see from her chart that Chiron is in Aquarius, and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is known for ruling the calves and ankles of the leg and also the spinal cord. Saturn, we know as the ruler of body frame. While Uranus we know as “spontan muscle spasm” and nervous spasm (along with Mercury).

We know the moment when she changes her life direction from a physician into becoming a painter when she suffer a bus accident: Fractured pelvic bone, punctured abdomen and uterus, spine broken in three places, right leg broken in eleven places, and later on, displaced vertebrae in three places.

So we see some combination here: Aquarius which ruled calves and ankles is broken, accident in Saturn quality (both bone and skin), and also muscle injury (Uranus).

I think those 3 factors: leg in specific, bones and muscle are suffering the most. Even though she recovered from those injuries.

Example Chart 3: Native

My own client chart (without mentioning the name, date of birth, and time of birth), we see some interesting Chiron places…

Native Chart, WholeSign Houses, using Solar Fire 9

We see Chiron in Cancer, which famously rule the stomach and digestive system. The moon as Cancer Ruler is also indicating that emotional treat related to the moon’s cycle.

This is my friend’s chart and he always said to me that he needs to be very careful of what he is eating. Otherwise, he’ll likely have a digestive problem. So yeah, we can see some digestive problem (Cancer) that comes from outside. While at the same time, the moon as Cancer’s ruler, makes him can go from a chill to an emotional person and back to chill in a short time. He also said to me that seeing/ meditating while seeing the full moon in the sky, helps him calm his nerve tremendously.

A Hypothesis That Still Needs More Data

This Chiron archetype as medical astrology stuff, for me, is still a hypothesis and still needs some more data to prove that. Any help by proofing or countering my hypothesis is very much welcome; and hope if my hypothesis is right, we can use this Chiron for our future astrology practice, especially in the medical field.

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