Are We ‘Destined’ To Be Rich? Some Tips on Reading Someone’s Wealth.

Some clients and students ask me how to read someone’s wealth potential. And one thing about astrology, we can go into a more impromptu style of reading somebody’s chart as long as we know the general archetype of each astrology planet, zodiac, and house.

Some clients and students ask me how to read someone’s wealth potential. And one thing about astrology, we can go into a more impromptu style of reading somebody’s chart as long as we know the general archetype of each astrology planet, zodiac, and house.

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The bad news is, even though we have some inborn potential to be rich (which can be seen in the birth chart), not all people will have the potential for having some material gain/ income in a big amount. And although the term “Rich” can mean so many things in life, for the sake of this article, let’s just say it means to get some big income, financially.

The Indicator

So, what is the indicator? In short, we need to consider one main factor: sect doctrine from Hellenistic Astrology. If you were born on the day or we said, the day chart, our most benefict planet is Jupiter. Otherwise, for everyone who is born at night, or the night chart, our most benefict planet is Venus.

So yeah, contrary to modern belief that the greater benefict is Jupiter and the lesser benefict is Venus, in Hellenistic tradition, it really depends on whenever you are born day or night to determine the most benefict planet energies for you.

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The other factor is the location of Pluto. In most cases, when Pluto is conjunct (or within the orb) with your benefict planet, this can indicate some bigger potential to get money. In most case, the special one is when you have Pluto conjunct Venus or Jupiter in the 2nd house (depends on the day/ night chart), but Pluto conjunct benefict in any other house also indicate the same…, as long as we know which house the conjunction is located and which sector of life that we want to improve.

To sum them up, the indicator from the highest potential are:

  1. Pluto Conjunct Jupiter / Venus in 2nd house, this can be a big one.
  2. Pluto Conjunct Jupiter / Venus in any house besides the 2nd one, this also has a significant potential for material gain.
  3. Jupiter / Venus has a soft aspect with pluto in any house, a good chunk of potential.
  4. Jupiter / Venus in any house, has a moderate potential.

Your Rich Potential’s Location

Here’s my own interpretation of the most benefict planet in each house.

1Can make more money by showing yourself more to the world. Make yourself know/ exist on your respective field of career/ work/ activities.
2Get some money from trading or any form of tangible object.
3Teaching knowledge especially a basic/ foundation one, general trading, short-trip transportation, rapid public transportation, getting help from siblings/ close family members, selling stuff for neighbor scale.
4Family business, all business related to living place especially making the place more comfortable, business related to family living or family tradition.
5Business/career related to children’s care, creative project, entertainment, premium accessories especially gold accessories, love fling, or gambling.
6Managerial stuff, social cause, career related to service/ intangible product.
7Event organizer, networking organizer, any business related to creating written commitment, mediator, law, searching for potential business partner or career coach.
8Career related to funeral, inheritance, trading secondhand goods, investigation, financial related consultant, anything related to sex.
9Travel related career, studying/ research about other culture, religion, spirituality, philosophy, astrology, and any kind of higher knowledge.
10Any career as long as related to corporate and have clear and objective step for improvement.
11Career related to social cause, media, public relations and communication, technology, or public investment.
12Everything related to spirituality, career about psychology or related to subconscious – unconscious, therapy field, career related to creating space for isolation/ meditation.

That concludes on tips on reading someone’s wealth potential. And I think after reading this, some people will ask, “is any career that has the potential to make you rich will be related to our passion?”. Well…, here’s the link for that article: Things to Consider Before Reading Someone’s Career With Astrology.

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Things To Consider Before Reading Someone’s Career With Astrology

Most astrologers, when reading clients’ careers, they usually look at the 10th house, which zodiac the 10th house in, and interpret the suitable career for them based on the zodiac and planets (if any) on that house. In practice, it isn’t that simple. And in this article, I’ll share some insight about career reading.

Most astrologers, when reading clients’ careers, they usually look at the 10th house, which zodiac the 10th house in, and interpret the suitable career for them based on the zodiac and planets (if any) on that house.

In practice, it isn’t that simple. And in this article, I’ll share some insight about career reading.

What is a Career Anyway?

According to the Oxford language definition, a career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

It has 2 important things: the occupation for a significant period of a person’s life and ALSO opportunities for progress. The problem with that definition is, that’s very different from what ‘usual people’ perceive about a career. In reality, people perceive a career as…

An occupation that they love to do and leads to opportunities for gaining a relatively lot of money by investing their time and effort.

So, when a client asks me “Which career suits me?”, usually the real meaning of the question is, “Which job that I’d love to do and potentially leads to a lot of money?” And that’s the tricky part when we read their birth chart. In some cases, their ‘big money’ opportunity does not come from their so-called career.

So, what should we do when a client wants to tell us about their career? Here’s some step to consider before reading about their career.

1st Step: Knowing The House Placement That ‘Related’ to Career

As I’ve said before, most astrologers will read the client’s 10th house for a career and that’s what we usually do. But before jumping into that, from my own experience (and other astrologers), it’s not always the 10th house.

Yes, the 10th house in astrology, is related to career, for more precise, related to any job activities that you’d likely be passionate about. For example, if your 10th house is in Pisces, you’d likely have a passion for art, any practice related to ease of mind/ mindfulness therapy, psychology, or anything related to selfless social service.

But there’s another house which we need to consider: the 6th house. In traditional astrology, it is related to the house of slavery and is considered a bad house. But in the modern sense, this house is more related to everyday service, contribution, or everyday job. The difference with the 10th house is, while the 10th house is a kind of job that you have passion, the 6th house is an everyday job that you’d likely not have passion in there. But still decided to do that kind of job for money or for your own well-being.

Another consideration besides the 10th and 6th house is the 2nd house and 11th house. 2nd house is related to “in which sector, archetypally you’d likely gain more money?”. While 11th house is related to “Which sector, archetypally you’d likely gains -windfall- type of money?”.

After we know, there is actually another 2 house to consider besides the regular 6th and 10th house, then we need to see…

Step 2: Are There Any Planets in the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house? How they are related to each other by aspect and rulership?

This becomes a tricky part. For example, if we find the client’s planet in the 2nd house has an aspect to some planet in the 10th house, then we can safely say that his passion has the potential to generate money.

For example…

Native Chart

From this chart, we can see the native’s 10th house in Capricorn, a career that is related to the structure and reputation of the company. With Uranus and Neptune in the 10th house, we can see that her passion might be a career with a structured way to build a reputation, related to art, sound, dream (Neptune), and technology (Uranus). It turns out, she is a voice-over actress she’s passionate there.

At the same time, her MC – Neptune – Uranus all trine to her South Node in Taurus, 2nd house. Venus is also located in her 2nd house. 2nd house is the house of material possession, Taurus is a sign of something traditional and materialistic at the same time, while South Node signifies her -inborn talent-. Venus as benefict planet also located in her 2nd house, which signifies beauty, love, and aesthetics.

When she is just a voice actress, she got a relatively good job with a relatively moderate amount of payment. But when she tries to do some singing and cover song in her spare time, with a traditional vibe as her main theme and selling point (Taurus), then somehow, she gets more payment in her career as a voice actress even though between voice actress and traditional singer are not directly related.

In another case, if we find a planet (or planet ruler) in the client’s 2nd house aspecting the planet in the 6th house, while his 10th house isn’t related to the 2nd house, then we can analyze that his routine work that doesn’t meet his passion, actually generates more money than a career based on his passion.

Here’s an example chart…

Harry Duke of Sussex Chart

This becomes a somewhat extreme example. Aquarius in the 2nd house is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. His Saturn on the 11th house has opposition to his moon on the 5th house in Taurus. Which represents his ‘job’ that generates money is related to social service (11th house) that motivates people (Scorpio) and his creative affair (5th house) and his lover (moon). At the same time, Uranus in Sagittarius 12th House opposes Chiron in Gemini 6th House. We can make another suggestion that his job that generates money is also related to his unorthodox and revolutionary (Uranus) way of thinking (12th house) to explore something new (Sagittarius). That kind of unorthodox thinking can help him to heal from his trauma (Chiron) related to his everyday work (6th house) by becoming the speaker or motivator (Gemini) for his everyday environment.

At the same time, his passion, which is the 10th house in Libra and also has Venus in there (Venus is Libra ruler) is to become a celebrity (Libra and Venus) on his own. But his Venus only trine mars. No degree-based aspect between Venus and Saturn or Uranus. So we can analyze, if he follows his passion while sacrificing his everyday work, he’ll likely get less money than before.

And I think, objectively, since Prince Harry has left royals (signifies his daily work), he got less and less money than before. He needs to work very hard to get money enough for his family’s luxurious lifestyle even though he does what is he passionate about.

Move on to another condition…

If we find a planet in the 6th house that has an aspect to a planet in the 10th house, we can analyze that the client has a chance to find daily work that related to his passion. Especially if we combine the archetype qualities of the zodiac in the 6th and 10th houses. But if either planet in the 6th or 10th house has an aspect to a planet in the 2nd house, then we can analyze that his/ her career/ job will generate a relatively moderate amount of money.

And if this is the case, then there’ll be a 99% chance our client will ask, “Which job can I get more money for?”. And this is where it becomes interesting…

Step 3: Look for the most benefict planet in the client’s chart.

In Hellenistic astrology, we need to see whether the client’s chart is a day chart or a night chart. The most benefict planet for a daily chart is Jupiter while for a night chart is Venus.

Look where the most benefict planet is located. Analyze the house and its zodiac, and we will know which kind of jobs most likely get him more money.

And last, there’s a kind of special condition…

Extra Step: If Pluto is Conjunct to either Venus or Jupiter, It’s very recommended to pursue a career related to their location.

One of the keywords for Pluto, archetypally, besides transformation, is to make planet energies increase more extreme, especially if those planets conjunct Pluto.

So, if either Venus or Jupiter conjunct Pluto, it means that the quality of that planet is extremely increasing. And if you found that configuration in the client’s chart, I’ll recommend the client to pursue the career related to conjunction’s position and zodiac.

For example, here’s the chart of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Chart

We see there’s a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in the 2nd house in Leo. And we can analyze that he has a high potential to get lots of money by making his ide known to the public (Leo sign) and those ideas need to be related to something that can be acquired/ buy easily by common people (2nd house signification). Plus, with Uranus as a technological revolution planet also in the 2nd house of Leo, he needs to make some innovation/ revolution related to technology.

We know he’s famous and extremely rich because of his Microsoft Company. A software company that has a mission to make Windows OS become widely used by people who use computers for any kind of activities.

Warren Buffet Chart

Although not exact conjunct, Warren Buffet has near conjunct between Pluto and Jupiter, in Cancer, 8th house. As we know that the 8th house is a house of native + other people’s money or house of investment, then we can analyze that he’ll have a high potential to gain more money if he chooses a career related to investigation.

And as we know, He’s extremely rich because of his intuition about investment. He’s become the 4th wealthiest man with a career as American Investor with his company, Berkshire Hathaway.

Closing Remark

Reading career dynamics in astrology isn’t as simple as looking at the client’s 10 houses. Most of the time, although clients usually ask “Which career that suitable for me?”, most of the time, they ask “Which job that generates the highest possible income for me?”. We need to find what they really want to ask and interpret their chart accordingly.

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