When Astrology And Tarot Are Complementing Each Other

In my professional practice, I’m using both, even though I relying mostly on astrology. Why? Because both method have their own ‘strength’ and also challenge.

We can assume that Astrology is much older knowledge than Tarot Card since the first tarot deck is found around mid 15th century. And we also know that the Tarot system, compiled by Aleister Crowley himself, is fusing several systems like Qabalah with its Tree of Life, numerology, I-Ching, and of course archetype from Astrology.

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Then, we also know that most of the time, lots of spiritual practitioners combine astrology and also tarot cards for their practice, personally and professionally. Most tarot readers can jump relatively easier astrology and vice versa because of one thing that has in common: astrological archetype.

In my professional practice, I’m using both, even though I rely mostly on astrology. Why? Because both methods have their own ‘strength’ and also challenge.

Tarot : a Fast Brainstorming Tool for Any Answer ( if you can think objectively)

If somehow I’ve got some client in the middle of the road and asking me some question, and because of some condition, I can’t access the internet (lol, just joking), then I’m using a tarot card to brainstorm the answer.

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We have to admit that the tarot is a very versatile tool for brainstorming some answers for practically any question we want to ask. From our love life, which careers that we want to choose, which house we want to buy, which country destination, etc, the most tool that is available to us right now is the tarot card. Why? Simple, most of us bring our cards along.

Any question we want to ask can be answered directly and fast, by shuffling our tarot cards, drawing 1 to 3 cards, and interpreting them.

And who is not interested in doing some short practical magick ritual with a tarot card? Sending our thoughts to the universe in the hope they answer our prayers through our tarot card’s visual symbolism.

Tarot, besides as tool for divination ( meaning: to connect with the divine), brainstorming the answer, tools for magical ritual, brainstorming tools for some idea/ inspiration for making a story, music, and any other entertaining and inspiring media, also can be used for meditation. Even some people use tarot cards as a substitution for the feng shui element in their home!

But that tarot card, especially in consulting practice, is not without its caveat. Wait, they have a caveat? Yes, you heard it right.

To be brutally honest, our tarot card interpretation, even when we draw the card, depends on our mental condition, like it or not.

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Trust me, our reading with a client when our mind isn’t straight, too tired, or under intense stress, rarely results in objectively reading. Plus, we have our own mindset/ value of something. Some people can be neutral reading for let’s say…., a prostitute while some people aren’t. And that kind of bias will affect our reading immensely.

Astrology : An Objective Data With (A Rather Long) Process and Analysis

Then what about astrology?

Astrology itself is also a very versatile tool, albeit for a different purpose. Besides profiling our ‘easy’ and ‘challenging’ potential, we can use astrology for mundane analysis (well….politic and stuff), event analysis and potential, determining our best and worst period with some timing technique, and even we can do some ‘divination’ also with astrology.

And who doesn’t want to know the exact date and time to have some ritual specifics to our needs?

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Also, the one important side of astrology is, the output data ( a.k.a our birth chart) is very objective. If we input the same date, time, and city where we’re born, the birth chart is always the same. The rest is how we interpret the birth chart.

But let’s be honest, most astrologer needs time to prepare the client’s chart, prepare the timing period material, prepare the keyword for analysis, and so on, especially if it’s a very important and detailed topic.

Written report? If we do the written astrology report (assume we do it ‘manually’), we take time to analyze and choose the writing language as not to offend our client, if we found something rather sensitive on that topic.

And Astrology is very time-sensitive. If we can’t get the client’s birth time (which is a privilege in some countries and generations), even if we have some alternate method to analyze, the reading will be less accurate.

The Reason I’m Using Both: Complementing Each Other

That’s the reason I’m using both for my practice. I’m using tarot card for more intuitive and fast reading, while I’m relying more on Astrology if I have time to prepare the answer before consultation session with my client.

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And it turns out, they really complement each other. While tarot reading can brainstorm and add more inspiration about how the event will unfold, astrology can also add much more detail about when the event has a high chance of happening.

And with astrology, my reading becomes much more objective without relying on some “time cycle” (like moon cycle, transiting Neptune phase, etc) to make my intuition more accurate.

For Astrology and Tarot Consultation, feel free to book me through WhatsApp at +62 81808034145 or email RendyFudoh@gmail.com

Author: Rendy Fudoh

Tarot Reader , Astrologer , and Creative Project Maker. Whatsapp: +62 81808034145 / +62 8777 200 1885 Email : RendyFudoh@gmail.com

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