A New Website, For More International Audience

I’m Rendy Fudoh, an astrologer and tarot reader, from Indonesia and already have some consultation practice professionally since 2010.

But most of the time, I’m just doing some consultation for local Indonesian client and most of them know me from my own indonesian website. And after 10+ years of consultation, I think it’s a good time to reach for wider audience.

So yeah, welcome to my english version of my website. Here I’ll continue to share about Tarot and Astrology knowledge in English language and also offering my Astrology and Tarot consultation for international audience.

Hope you enjoy your time in my website and please subscribe for more update. 🙂

Author: Rendy Fudoh

Tarot Reader , Astrologer , and Creative Project Maker. Whatsapp: +62 81808034145 / +62 8777 200 1885 Email : RendyFudoh@gmail.com

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