Solar Eclipse: Hypothesis About Short-Term Personal Disturbance

I found another interesting pattern about some disturbance or bad omen related to the solar eclipse.

Most of the time, if we search about any article related to the Solar Eclipse phenomenon and its meaning in astrology, we saw the phenomenon is translated on a positive tone. The keyword usual astrology article is “Massive Change related to sun position in our chart.”

I personally have no comment about that since on myself, It didn’t feel like a massive change on me, even though I’m giving time like 10 – 20 days after. Instead of that, I found another interesting pattern about some disturbance or bad omen related to the solar eclipse.

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I don’t think I need to explain in a long article. But in some cultures and religions: ancient Babylonian, China, and especially Hinduism nowadays treat solar eclipse is a bad omen. Many legends tell about a chaotic situation, war, calamity, or the death of the great king will happen along with solar eclipse.

Once again, this article is also purely my hypothesis and it still needs a lot of research to see its validity. In my personal research, this kind of solar eclipse for last year have some tremendous effects on each people. The keyword for this one is “short-term personal disturbance”.

Knowing the potential disturbance from solar eclipse of personal level

If some legends tell us about solar eclipse’s impact on our macro/ mundane condition, then how do they impact our personal level? Fortunately, I’ve found those interesting patterns easily. Here’s the condition:

  1. We only use Sun Sign, although we still need to look at our own birth chart
  2. We look at our sun sign AS 1st HOUSE
  3. See which zodiac has solar eclipse
  4. Count which position of the house, from our sun sign zodiac (as the 1st house)
  5. The short-term disturbance will likely happen along with the solar eclipse moment, from start to finish.

So, for example, my sun sign is Capricorn. I treat Capricorn as the 1st house. On 2021 December 4th, there’s a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the 12th house from Capricorn. And from the beginning of the solar eclipse to finish, I’ve somehow got an indescribable headache like it’s not feeling pain, but I feel like a combination of my conscious is only half, can not focus, my head feels lighter. I’m still can move and do some everyday activities, but I literally can not think at that time.

Another example, at the same time, my friend who is an Aries sun sign, since the solar eclipse happened in Sagittarius, he confirm to me that he experience a delay in his traveling when the solar eclipse happened. Unfortunately, it’s only him who got delayed for a whole day. Since for Aries, Sagittarius is his 9th house, house of travel, it’s too coincidence, right?

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The last example, also my friend, who is a Pisces sun sign, at the same time she has something terrible happened in her career. Sagittarius is the 10th house from Pisces. She nearly got layoff because she got angry with her boss at that time because of some miscommunication and turns out, it’s the company system that leads to those miscommunications and it isn’t slightly her fault at that time.

Knowing the disturbance

Since we already know in which house (from our sun sign) the disturbance will likely happen, here’s some guidance to identify.

House (relative
to sun sign)
Type of disturbance
(at the moment of the solar eclipse)
1Our overall productivity, better don’t do anything at solar eclipse and just enjoy your time at that moment
2Transaction, money/ possession related disturbance
3communication (like mercury retrograde effect) & commute
4family, home, parent, more emotional to them than usual
5child, love affair, creative working
6physical activities, everyday job routine, suddenly feels very tired
7spouse, business partner, can get miscommunication easily
8joint asset, financial right and obligation, avoid making financial / investment related decision at this time
9long travel, religion/ spirituality, divination work, can get delayed
10overall career and reputation, careful of the working system
11your socialization with your friend, never take their say to your heart
12your mind/ subconscious, concentration, do anything that can relax your mind

The Next Eclipse in 2022 ?

in 2022, we have two partial solar eclipse:

  1. April 31st in Taurus
  2. October 25th in Scorpio

I sincerely hope by providing this hypothesis and information, we can prepare ourselves to mitigate its effect on us on a personal level and avoid any unnecessary activities that bring us more trouble than it needs to.

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