Can Astrology Predict The Year of Great Pestilence or Pandemic? Which Year?

Is Astrology can be made archetypally as a tool to predict in which year some pandemic will come to our world?

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If we love to read astrology books, I’ve heard in the astrology community that Richard Tarnas already predicted a COVID-19 pandemic from his book that was released in 2006.

So yeah, if some spiritual practitioner, most of the time, predicts some uneasy condition including some catastrophe or pandemic, they usually try to predict 1 year beforehand (as part of next year’s reading), he already predict more than 10 years ago.

But aside from that, is Astrology can be made archetypally as a tool to predict in which year some pandemic will come to our world?

From my own little research, yes…there is. And it’s from an ancient text called Choice Aphorism from The Seven Segments of Cardan, which, most of the time, we can get free in the form of an ebook.

An Aphorism Text That Related to Pandemic

In short, Aphorism text is mostly used for Horary and Electional Astrology. Since it’s more like a proven doctrine from time to time, this aphorism is like a collection of “conclusions” of astrological phenomena along the impact of that in the most direct sentence possible.

And when I’m reading them, I found some interesting passages in the “Choice Aphorism from The Seven Segment of Cardan”, in the “Aphorism Related to General Accident” segment, point 6:

A Conjunction of Mars and Saturn, in the sixth or eighth house, especially in the humane sign, signifies a great Pestilence.

Since house positions are very time sensitive, we can skip them for now, and focus on the word “humane sign”.

The term humane sign itself is a zodiac sign that has a human figure in its depiction. In this case, the zodiac has a human figure…

  • Virgo, since mostly depicted with a woman, which is mostly a virgin woman.
  • Libra, in some illustrations, is depicted as a man/ woman who holds a scale (of justice), although this one was still debatable.
  • Aquarius, in some illustrations, is depicted mostly as a woman who pours water.
  • Gemini, most illustrations depict them as twins.

In short, when Mars Conjunct Saturn in Virgo, Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, this will be a time indicator that our world might face some pestilence/ pandemic issue globally.

In Which Year That Was Happening?

Let’s start with a recent moment, which is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius around early April 2020

Yes, by the time Covid-19 becomes the well-known pandemic, mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, a humane sign.

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Virgo, 2008

Then what about Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo, 2008? At that time, there was a global spread of H5N1 or influenza in birds. Here’s the Wikipedia link.

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Libra 31st Juli 2010

Here’s another example of Mars conjunct Saturn in Libra around the middle of 2010. In this case, since Libra is after Virgo, there’s also swine flu that start in 2009 but continues to spread in 2010.

Mars conjunct Saturn on 4th May 2002

Around 2002, the first year that we found the SARS outbreak. Here’s the Wikipedia article:

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on 6th March 1992

Since in the year 1992, the internet has still not been widely circulated, and it’s getting harder to find some articles about the pandemic. And what I’ve found is a new strain of cholera Virus from Asia that year.

And also, there is still a great influenza virus that spread that year especially H3N2 subtype A.

Mars conjunct Saturn on 7th July 1982.

For the last example, it’s getting harder to trace the disease that becomes a major outbreak at that time. And from googling the internet, I’ve found that the US has some Foodborne disease outbreaks with unidentified pathogens at that time. Here’s the article:

Which Year That We Need to be Aware Of in The Future?

If we use some astrology software, we found the nearest Mars conjunct Saturn is in Gemini in the year 2032, years from the time this article is written.

Mars Conjunct Saturn in Gemini 3rd June 2032

What This Article is For?

At least, when I published this article, even though we’re still 10 years later, anyone who reads this will look at this, not as a doom and gloom tale, but more as a very early cautionary article, especially for anyone who works in the health care sector.

Hope this article helps as much.

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