Where You Can Find an Empowering Astrology and Tarot Reading . (And More on Practical Advice Than a Fairy Dreamy One)

Rendy Fudoh

Hi, I’m Rendy Fudoh , an astrologer and tarot reader from Indonesia (people usually know Bali though than Indonesia, lol).

I’m Libra Rising, Sun Sign in Capricorn, Moon Sign in Leo, and also a night chart.

I learn tarot reading first since 2006, and also learning astrology as one of a powerful technique to see and analyze person’s fate and fortune , archetypally. I’m already writing three books about tarot in Indonesian language, and in process about writing book about astrology.

While reading astrology, I’m using combined method from modern astrology perspective, usually on psychology side, and also using Hellenistic Astrology for more practical approach and advice. My reading / report will be more direct and practical but not too judging or fatalistic.

This website will be contains some free article about sharing knowledge more heavily about astrology than tarot and in English language, and also some contact information if you want to have some consultation session with me.

Hope you enjoy being in my website. 🙂